No or Limited Hot Water From a Fort Collins Water Heater

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Let us break the topic down in two different portions: experiencing NO hot water and having LIMITED hot water.

Fort Collins Water Heater Repair Causes For Having No Hot Water At All

Water Heater Repair Fort Collins suggests that when experiencing NO hot water, the cause can be one of the following four matters:

A Bad Pilot Light
This is the simplest of the four to have repaired. First, make certain the pilot light is still lit. You may have to take a look at the owners manual (sorry guys but instructions are sometimes the best bet) to find out where it’s found; it seems, nowadays, manufacturers have the tendency to hide them. You may also need to look over the owners manual to check the manufacturers instructions for relighting the pilot light if it is in fact, off.

Gas Line LeakWater Heater Repair Fort Collins
Gas water heaters can get leaks in the gas line. If you have an electric water heater, obviously you can omit this as an option. Some people have trouble smelling gas while others are hyper sensitive to it, like my mother. Typically, the smell is much like that of rotten eggs. If you are smelling gas it is essential that you turn the gas line off and call the gas or plumbing company if you don’t live in Hot Water Heater Repair Fort Collins’s service area. This is a severe problem and calls for urgent attention!

A Bad Thermostat
This can be the cause of NO or LIMITED hot water. The steps are the same regardless. Make certain the thermostat dial settings have not been changed. Our water heater is positioned in the garage and the curious fingers of twin youngsters like to go exploring sometimes. If the thermostat is set correctly, try bumping it up just a smidge to see if that works. If there is no impact you may ought to replace the thermostat because with time they do wear out.

A Bad Thermocouple
The thermocouple and pilot light work together for gas water heaters as safety precautions. The pilot light is essential because if it goes out, the gas will not switch on. This is not a complicated fix though. When the thermocouple begins to wear out, it sends the same message to the gas valve as the pilot light. When this happens the gas burner will not light and the pilot light actually does go out.

There is a heating element inside electrical water heaters that conducts the electrical current that heats the water. These can also wear out and will result in reduced hot water and no hot water if it goes unrepaired for an extended period of time.

Water Heater Repair Causes For Not Enough Hot WaterWater Heater Repair Fort Collins CO

Sediment Buildup
Sediment from the water can accumulate in the tank if it is not being flushed regularly: think approximately once a year. This can cause a reduction of hot water and even popping or banging noises coming from the storage tank. Usually, regular flushing can cure and prevent this issue. If the water is overly hard, try using a water softener.

Other Possibilities
There may be a problem with the flame from the burner. Please make sure the area around and underneath the water heater stays clean from dirt. The water heater pulls air up from underneath for the burner. Natural gas flames will burn bright blue with a yellow tip, while propane flames are more bluish green.

From time to time the water tank could be too small for the demand of hot water. Though, if this is a recent problem and your water heating needs have not significantly changed there is probably another thing occurring.

However unlikely from most Fort Collins plumbing providers, if there has been any recent work done on the tank there could have been an issue with how things were repaired or even a bump of the thermostat dial settings.

Hot water is something a Fort Collins homeowner should not have to lack. There are several other possible problems and solutions if the above list did not help that Water Heater Repair Fort Collins CO would be more than happy to assist you with!