Holiday Fort Collins Plumbing Advice

Posted by on Oct 29, 2014 in Water Heater Repair Fort Collins

The holiday season is among the busiest times of the year for us, specifically with drain cleaning, toilet repairs and other plumbing repair works. with the increased amount of visitors and family in ones house, it can take a toll on the plumbing system.

Fort Collins hot water heaters are working overtime with the added number of showers start taken, garments being cleaned, and dishes being cleaned or run through the dishwasher. We suggest trying to wait a little bit between showers if several are to be taken back-to-back. The same goes with picking times to use the dishwasher and washing machine also.

Drains specifically have it hard, for we are carrying out Fort Collins drain cleaning much more regularly, with the added amount of individuals using ones plumbing. It is also an interesting time to see the number of toys and things that youngsters inadvertently try flushing down the toilet too!

Below is an infographic that will give some recommendations on the best ways to handle ones water heating and plumbing this holiday season.

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