Getting Rid of Water Heater Odors

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Are you experiencing a dilemma with stinky odors originating from the water originating from your water heater? It happens from time to time for a few various reasons. Here is what Water Heater Repair Fort Collins suggests to do to have your water smelling and tasting much better fast.

Reasons for Fort Collins Water Heater Smells?

According to Soquel Creek Water District, “The smell is the result of four factors that must all be present for the odor to develop. These factors include:

  • A high concentration of sulfate in the raw water
  • Sulfate reducing bacteria, non-toxic to humans (sulfate is reduced to a sulfide state by the bacteria)
  • Little or no dissolved oxygen in the water
  • Hydrogen (a component of water which may be present due to water conditions reacting with the anode)”  Read more:

The most typical source of hot water smell is germs getting into the water supply. This is more widespread in houses that utilize well water and cities that utilize wells as their water supply.

With a water heater temperature level setting of 140 degrees or more will assist in minimizing the development of germs within the water storage tank.

Exactly How to Eliminate Stinky Water Odors

The following instructions describe the best way to use chlorine bleach to thoroughly clean a water heater.

The electric or gas leading to the water heater tank has to first be turned off.

Next, the cold water supply off that goes to the tank needs to be turned off.

Open the hot water faucet of the kitchen area sink to enable air to get in the tank.

With a a yard hose connected to the storage tank drain valve, drain the water inside the water heater.

Then shut the drain valve after it is empty.

The next step is putting in the bleach.
If the hose for the cold water going inside the storage tank is a flexible line, unscrew it from the tank. Otherwise, one will have to take off the pressure relief valve, which is more involved. For electric water heaters, one of the elements can be removed.

Utilize a funnel to put bleach within the tank.
Use 5 ounces of bleach for each gallon of the tank capability.
Case in point – A 50 gallon water heater will require 250 ounces of bleach, that is around 2 gallons.

Re attached the water line or pressure relief valve.

Fill the tank back up with water once again.

Shut the hot water faucet of the kitchen area faucet as quickly as all the air runs out the line.

Operate all the hot water appliances till the odor of bleach is noticeable. We want to eliminate the germs that are located in the water lines likewise, not only within the water heater.

Let the water to remain in the tank and water lines undisturbed for 2 to 3 hours.

Empty the storage tank once again and refill it. This time let it set undisturbed for thirty minutes and drain it one more time.

Fill the tank back up. Open all the hot water appliances and let them run till the odor of bleach is gone.

For gas water heaters, relight the water heater pilot burner. For electric water heaters, turn the electricity on once again.

Additionally, by replacing the anode rods, or maybe the type utilized can work as the next video shows:

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Repairing a Noisy Fort Collins Water Heater

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Water Heater Repair Fort Collins is consistently being consulted to check out at water heater. Popping and knocking noises can be a result of problems with the water heater, but it’s likewise an aggravation. We are going to examine the most typical reason your water heater may possibly begin generating noise and what you can possibly do to calm it down! Prior to consulting a Fort Collins professional, have a look at one of the most popular water heater troubles and remedies.

The most likely reason a water heater can make noise

Again, if the sound is an indicator of issues with the heater that difficulty is most probably sediment build up. The sediment arises from the water in the storage tank. It is essentially made of calcium and magnesium debris and is mainly a situation in residences which may have hard water.

If the sediment starts to accumulate at the bottom of the storage tank, it traps a little part of hot water under it. This triggers the hot water to boil as the tank functions. The sounds noticed are the bubbles popping through the sediment.

Furthermore, the sediment itself might be the factor for the sounds. The sediment sits at the bottom of the tank and can get burnt up leading to odd sounds. And at times, the sediment will get carried up to the top of the tank and breaks off leading to sounds as it plunges back down, bumping the sides on its way.

How to avoid a water heater from generating noise

If sediment build-up is what’s triggering the sounds, the heater should be examined. Hot Water Heater Repair Fort Collins can accomplish this and provide the tank a flush or advise a different remedy.

You can also protect against sediment build-up by having expert routine maintenance done on the storage tank at minimum annually. This system involves flushing the tank of any sediment.

An additional terrific approach is to add a water softener in your Fort Collins property. Water softeners take out minerals from the water prior to it entering the water heater, dramatically lowering sediment build up.

To find out more about other probable problems and remedies provide Water Heater Repair Fort Collins a phone call!

Advantages of Employing Heat Pump Water Heaters at your Home

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Today Water Heater Repair Fort Collins wishes to examine implementing a heat pump as another option to an electric water heater. Common thought has long been that heat pump water heaters are usually not rather energy efficient at heating water, however new research is challenging this notion.Water Heater Repair Fort Collins

As stated by Sarah Widder, of the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, “Heat pump water heaters can use up to 63 percent less energy than traditional electric water heaters. When water heating makes up about 18 percent of U.S. residential energy use, heat pump water heaters offer a real opportunity for energy savings.” (read more…)

The analysis concludes that the means that heat pump water heaters are coupled to the air ducting can help lower overall energy consumption of the dwelling, displaying that these kinds of heat pumps may perhaps not have as much influence on the entire cooling and heating of the household, as has long been believed.

The investigation, that was carried out in the summer and winter of 2013, organized a pair of comparable real world test scenarios. The principal variation was with one heat pump not making use of ducting, and the other making use of 2 different ducting techniques. The summary ended up being that the test case with the completely ducted heat pump water heater would help reduce yearly power usage by 4.2 %.

The investigators also agreed that even more assessing needs to be made to try other alternatives also and to better analyze the home cooling aspects of a heat pump.

Heat pumps are crafted to get high efficiency and be less expensive to operate as compared to always heating water in a storage tank water heater. At this time, heat pump water heaters are approximately 1 % of new water heater product sales in the U. S.. They can cost more than conventional water heaters to install but through the running expenses will be able to off set that in the long term. This is what the Department of Energy has to say.

Where the heat pump is placed in the house has quite a lot regarding the level of efficiency one will receive from it, based on

If you have any queries on this technology and want to learn if it might possibly be a fine match for your Fort Collins household, contact us! We are always here to give suggestions on our water heater repairs and installations!

Factors Why a Hot Water Tank Will Explode

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With regards to needing to perform servicing on ones water heater, it is a comparatively minimal maintenance home appliance.  Nevertheless, one necessary aspect of it has to be checked out routinely.  Water Heater Repair Fort Collins would like to pass on this safety material regarding ones water heater today.Water Heater Repair Fort Collins

Abnormal temperature if mixed with tank deterioration inside the storage tank might cause an explosion. Whenever the water temperature is less than 212 degrees Fahrenheit, one is going to be secure from an explosion, though there is a real danger of scalding at that temperature.  However, if the water temperature is more than 212 degrees, water transforms into steam, which will enlarge to 1,700 times the space it takes up as water. This is the time an explosion can take place.

Cautionary Indicators of a Water Heater Explosion

The leading sign is if one goes to get hot water from a faucet and only steam comes out.  Quickly shut off electric power if one owns an electric water heater.  If one owns a gas hot water heater, shut off the gas valve on the water heater.  After that, give us a call to come check out the problem.

Minimizing Potential Water Heater Dangers

The primary upkeep job having a water heater is to check the pressure relief valve, often known as the T&P valve, on a standard schedule.   This valve helps manage the pressure accumulation within the water storage tank to hinder a serious increase in temperature and overpressure.

Take note, the water release coming from a T&P valve might be really hot. If you do not feel at ease examining the valve inform us.  Additionally, engaging in any sort of fixes to the valve ought to be undertaken by a qualified plumbing repair business.

How to Test the T&P Valve

Clear the spot close to the overflow pipe and floor drain.
Raise the test handle for roughly 5 seconds or until the water runs clean.
Let go of the handle.
If the T&P valve keeps on running with water, lift up the handle up and down rapidly to have it reseat itself.  One might have to do this a couple of times.  IF it has not been tested for a while, it might be difficult to raise it at first.  Avoid using a lot of force, however might need to utilize just a little.
If the T&P valve continues to leak, it ought to be changed.

Some other items to watch out for are deterioration on the stem of the valve.  If there is any water dripping out of the valve stem or out of the drain valve.

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Water Heater Regulation Updates

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There are adjustments that will be taking effect in April 2015 from the federal government on water heater codes.  The new requirements deal with the efficiency of all newly produced water heaters.

What Will New Water Heater Standards Mean to Fort Collins Homeowners?Water Heater Repair Fort Collins CO

Well the higher efficiency criteria will be a good factor naturally.  Even so, it will additionally increase the expense of new water heaters.  The price increase will be due to the additional cost of manufacturing the water heaters with more insulation in them.  A side effect of doing so, will increase the measurements of the water heaters.  So if a property owner is changing the present one, the new gas water heater storage tank will likely consume more room, which can be an problem if the current area the storage tank is in is a restricted fit.

One other modification is for 55 gallon water heaters or larger will need to change to a PVC flue, for metal pipes aren’t going to be permitted any more. This will lead to an extra cost it the flue pipes have to be replaced when putting in a new water heater.

Water Heater Repair Fort Collins is not recommending that one ought to go out before April 2015 and shop for a new water heater, but if ones present water heater is more than ten years of age, it is getting near to the end of its life cycle. One can simply wait, however in so doing, the newly produced water heater will need to satisfy the new, more expensive requirements.  One is able to shop for currently available water heaters ahead of the deadline day, and may opt to do this.

As reported by …. an “older-model 40-gallon tank is estimated to cost homeowners $277 a year to operate. The new models are estimated to cost $263.”

Here’s what the Department of Energy has to state:
“Standards mandatory in 2015 will save approximately 3.3 quads of energy and result in approximately $63 billion in energy bill savings for products shipped from 2015-2044. The standard will avoid about 172.5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions of about 33.8 million automobiles.”

The following video by Rheem details the new codes effectively:

Do not forget to call us with any inquiries on a new water heater installation or replacement.  Water Heater Repair Fort Collins CO is always here for you!

Leaking Fort Collins Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve

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The pressure relief valve of a water heater has an essential job – making certain the water heater tank does not explode. So with that in mind, Water Heater Repair Fort Collins wants to ensure homeowners know ways to best take care of it. They will leak when the valve wears out or when the water storage tank pressure gets higher then the relief point.Hot Water Heater Repair Fort Collins

We recommend that a minimum of twice a year, house owners test to ensure the pressure relief valve, or T&P valve as we will call it, is working properly. All one has to do is raise the deal with for a couple of seconds and release it. It should snap back to its original position. When it is lifted, one could hear the noise of pressure being released , much like the noise of air coming out of a tire pump when being disconnected. Likewise, a little water may come out as well. Both are regular. If the valve has not been tested in a long time, it may stick at first as well.

However, if the handle doesn’t snap back, or if it remains to leak a little water, that is not typical. If it still leakages some, raise the handle a few more times to see if it does re-seat itself. You might wish to wait a day or so it see if it re-seats itself before assuming it needs to be replaced.

Hot Water Heater Repair Fort Collins would choose to handle any T&P valve replacements for you, so though hot water heaters are usually relatively maintenance free, there are some safety preventative measures one need to bear in mind. With that in mind here is a summary of a pressure relief valve replacement.

1. The gas to the water heater needs to be turned off, or the breaker for an electric water heater.
2. The cold water cut-off valve has to be closed .
3. The valve below the T&P valve needs to be opened to drain a little water in order to relieve some of the pressure in the storage tank.
4. The overflow pipe of the T&P valve needs to be taken off. It might have to be cut off if it is soldered or firmly glued.
5. The pressure relief valve has to be unscrewed with a pipe wrench.
6. Wrap the new T&P valve with Teflon tape and screw it in place. Make sure the overflow pipe opening is placed away from the storage tank.
7. Reattach the drain pipe, likewise using brand-new Teflon tape.
8. Turn the water back on, and examine your work for any leakages.

The following video gives an introduction of this process:

Winterizing a Water Heater

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We enjoy to share pointers on how to conserve on energy expenses at home here at Water Heater Repair Fort Collins. Here are some of the best ways to get ones water heater ready for the winter months.

An easy way to inspect ones water heater’s need for insulation is to put ones hand near or on the outside of the storage tank. It is feels warm, insulating the tank is suggested. During the winter this heat loss you just felt can build up. Alternatively in the summer season, if the water heater is located inside the home, and not in a garage, it can add heat to the room that you are attempting to cool. The heat you feel is obviously heat being lost. If it is not warm at all that is a great sign that the tank’s internal insulation is in respectable shape. New water heating units are being made with a great quantity of internal insulation today. You can examine the manufacture’s label to see exactly what the R-value is. If it R-24 or higher, one should be in great shape without needing to include an insulation blanket to the water heater.

Fort Collins Water Heater Blankets

The cure for this heat loss is with a water heater blanket or wrap. First contact your energy company, for some have insulation kits at minimized expenses for homeowners. A hot water heater blanket will come in different sizes depending upon the gallon size of the storage tank. The greater the R-value, the more insulation it has. We would suggest getting at least an R-11.

The blankets are simple to set up. They will come with insulation tape to finish the seams of the blanket. The shinny or vinyl side goes on the exterior.

For gas water heaters, wrap it all around, leaving the top flue unwrapped, and unwrapped around the controller on the bottom. Likewise, do not wrap the T&P valve handle, or the bottom of tank for that is where air gets in. For electric water heaters, the top can be wrapped for there is not an exhaust flue, but do not wrap the heating-element access panels.

Water heater blankets will last quite a long time. You might even be able to use the same one once again whenever the water heater is replaced, providing it’s the same size storage tank.

Water Heater Pipe Insulation

There are two types of pipe insulation that need to be utilized for a water heater. For pipes that are within 6 inches of the water heater exhaust flue, fiberglass insulation wrap should be made use of and ought to be connected with either high temperature aluminum tape or wire. Foam insulation sleeves can be made use of for all the pipes that are further away then 6 inches of the flue then.

The United States Department of Energy recommends that house owners insulate at least 6 feet of the pipe entering and out of the water heater. This can increase the temperature level at the faucets 2 to 4 degrees and save cash on heating. We also recommend wrapping both the hot and cold pipes too simply because every little bit helps.

Energy Savings from Fort Collins Water Heater Insulation

Insulating an inefficient water heater can cut the cost of running that heater by 5 % to 10 %. Depending on the design, that can save anywhere from $5 to $20 each year, meaning that a water heater blanket can be paid for in 1 to 4 years. Adding insulation could reduce standby heat losses by 25 % – 45 % and conserve about 4 % – 9 % in water heating costs.

What others round the web are saying:

Fort Collins Water Heating Savings Advice

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Faucet aerators and low flow shower heads are excellent ways to save water, and water preservation suggests home energy savings for you.

Bathroom and kitchen faucet aerators are simple to add to ones faucets. The wire screens just screw in and will blend air into the water flow, think of it as rationing the water coming out of the faucet.Water Heater Repair Fort Collins

When initially introduced the preliminary function was to just lower the flow rate or water stream in order to get rid of sink splashing.

However, due to the the increasing interest in water preservation, house owners and companies that are looking to conserve on energy usage, are becoming more thoughtful about the water conserving potential of faucet aerators.

In terms of ones Fort Collins water heater, aerators don’t just conserve water, they also help in reducing the gas and electrical energy cost involved with water heating. Aerators paired with water saving shower heads can minimize the typical homes hot water usage by as much as 50 percent.

Both water conserving gadgets are exceptionally low-cost and extremely easy for homeowners to set up.

Low flow aerators can be added to nearly any standard faucet. Check the tips of ones faucets to see if there are threads along the inside. Even lots of older bathroom and kitchen sink faucets are pre-threaded.

If one already has older aerators on ones faucets, they can be taken off by hand or with a wrench. The flow rate (which is measured in gallons per minute or gpm) should be imprinted along the side. Newer faucet aerators can significantly reduced flow rates even additionally than older models and all without reducing the water pressure.

Kitchen Sink Aerators

Kitchen sink faucets usually require higher flow rates than a bathroom faucet. Because of this, aerators with minimum flow rate of 1.5 gpm is extremely advised for conserving water. Nevertheless kitchen faucets without aerators can use as much as 3 to 5 gallons of water per minute.

A new design of aerators have swivel pivots that enable a circular or rotating motion which is helpful when cleaning ones kitchen sink. Those who wash plates by hand may find a swivel aerator with a shut off valve even more perfect.

Bathroom Aerators

Bathroom aerators normally are chrome plated or brass. They provide a more direct and pressurized spray than many kitchen aerators. And bathroom aerators normally cost even less, ranging anywhere from $2 to $5 each.

Bathroom faucets without these attachments can utilize anywhere from 2 to 4 gallons of water per minute. New low flow bathroom aerators utilize just 1 to.5 gallons per minute and all without lowering water pressure.

Remember to Keep Aerators Clean

The wire screens can get clogged with sediments and other mineral deposits after months or years of continuous use. Occasionally remove for a cleaning. This will certainly deal with prospective water pressure problems as well as prevent future faucet leakages.

Low Flow Shower Heads

Installing low flow shower heads is truly one of the most cost effective things any property owner can do to save water. 30 % to 40 % of American homes today have traditional restroom shower heads installed which use as much as 5 to 7 gallons of water per minute.

The low flow shower heads presently on the market are not the old flow limiting designs of the past. A new water saving shower head can substantially lower ones water utilize and enhance water pressure at the same time.

Now water saver shower heads use air chambers or jet streams to swiftly mix air into the water flow. The streams and chambers allow the shower heads to make use of considerably less water, and also increase water pressure for that relaxing massage sensation.

Recently some designs have actually effectively lowered water flow rates even lower than the federal guidelines. Some low flow models utilize as low as 1 gallon of water per minute.

Some of the very best shower heads enable one to stop briefly warm water while in the shower. These shower heads are unbelievably convenient and they can assist one save even more using less warm and warm water while bathing.

This offers ones hot water heater a much deserved break, which in return translates into lower water heating cost.

Check out Water Heater Repair Fort Collins’s other tips in our blog here too!

Fort Collins Water Heater Installation Costs

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The average life expectancy of a standard tank-style gas water heater or electric water heater is about eight to 12 years, so the prospect of having to replace a water heater is a typical home improvement. Water Heater Repair Fort Collins has written a few of the factors that influence the setup expenses below.

The costs to set up a brand-new Fort Collins hot water heater do vary in cost depending upon the company performing the installation, and depending on the kind of unit installed. For instance, energy-efficient tankless water heaters do cost more to install, though those costs can be recouped over the life of the unit. Have a look at this tool from that will provide an estimate on water heater setup expenses for the part of the nation one stays in.

Water Heater Installation Cost Factors

Without seeing the area that ones water heater will be installed or replaced, it is challenging to offer a particular idea of the cost. If it is a water heater replacement, and is being changed with a comparable sized and style of heater, the installation expenses will be extremely affordable. If one is changing to a different kind of water heater, like from an electric to a gas or tankless unit, the installation expenses will certainly be greater since we will need to potentially install gas lines and connections.

Another consideration is to make sure a replacement water heater will be up to code with what is required now, not with what the code was 10 to 12 years ago when the current water heater was installed. Also, there is the potential that the current water heater was not up to code when it was initially set up either! Which can be the case if a previous property owner did the installation him or herself.

Because of the safety elements involved with water heaters, it is always best to have an expert plumbing business handle the setup. One, many homeowners will not have an idea of what the code requirements are. One risk aspect is that electric water heaters utilize 240 volts of electricity, which is extremely harmful to work with if not experienced in doing this. Water Heater Repair Fort Collins CO spends a great deal of time dealing with incorrectly installed water heaters.

Another safety concern with not having a professional set up ones water heater is dealing with natural gas lines. This, too, can be dangerous, and a circumstance where there can not be any leakages.

A last safety issue is with properly venting the exhaust to ensure carbon monoxide escapes out of the house. Carbon monoxide gas poisoning occurs more often than the majority of people think, and it is best to make certain one has a carbon monoxide gas detector in ones house too. According to the Centers for Disease Control, unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning causes 400 deaths each year and 20,000 visits to the emergency room.

Other considerations with setting up is making sure it is plumbed correctly, there is enough clearance and making sure drip pans are equipped, if required.

Holiday Fort Collins Plumbing Advice

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The holiday season is among the busiest times of the year for us, specifically with drain cleaning, toilet repairs and other plumbing repair works. with the increased amount of visitors and family in ones house, it can take a toll on the plumbing system.

Fort Collins hot water heaters are working overtime with the added number of showers start taken, garments being cleaned, and dishes being cleaned or run through the dishwasher. We suggest trying to wait a little bit between showers if several are to be taken back-to-back. The same goes with picking times to use the dishwasher and washing machine also.

Drains specifically have it hard, for we are carrying out Fort Collins drain cleaning much more regularly, with the added amount of individuals using ones plumbing. It is also an interesting time to see the number of toys and things that youngsters inadvertently try flushing down the toilet too!

Below is an infographic that will give some recommendations on the best ways to handle ones water heating and plumbing this holiday season.

Water Heater Repair Fort Collins

No or Limited Hot Water From a Fort Collins Water Heater

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Let us break the topic down in two different portions: experiencing NO hot water and having LIMITED hot water.

Fort Collins Water Heater Repair Causes For Having No Hot Water At All

Water Heater Repair Fort Collins suggests that when experiencing NO hot water, the cause can be one of the following four matters:

A Bad Pilot Light
This is the simplest of the four to have repaired. First, make certain the pilot light is still lit. You may have to take a look at the owners manual (sorry guys but instructions are sometimes the best bet) to find out where it’s found; it seems, nowadays, manufacturers have the tendency to hide them. You may also need to look over the owners manual to check the manufacturers instructions for relighting the pilot light if it is in fact, off.

Gas Line LeakWater Heater Repair Fort Collins
Gas water heaters can get leaks in the gas line. If you have an electric water heater, obviously you can omit this as an option. Some people have trouble smelling gas while others are hyper sensitive to it, like my mother. Typically, the smell is much like that of rotten eggs. If you are smelling gas it is essential that you turn the gas line off and call the gas or plumbing company if you don’t live in Hot Water Heater Repair Fort Collins’s service area. This is a severe problem and calls for urgent attention!

A Bad Thermostat
This can be the cause of NO or LIMITED hot water. The steps are the same regardless. Make certain the thermostat dial settings have not been changed. Our water heater is positioned in the garage and the curious fingers of twin youngsters like to go exploring sometimes. If the thermostat is set correctly, try bumping it up just a smidge to see if that works. If there is no impact you may ought to replace the thermostat because with time they do wear out.

A Bad Thermocouple
The thermocouple and pilot light work together for gas water heaters as safety precautions. The pilot light is essential because if it goes out, the gas will not switch on. This is not a complicated fix though. When the thermocouple begins to wear out, it sends the same message to the gas valve as the pilot light. When this happens the gas burner will not light and the pilot light actually does go out.

There is a heating element inside electrical water heaters that conducts the electrical current that heats the water. These can also wear out and will result in reduced hot water and no hot water if it goes unrepaired for an extended period of time.

Water Heater Repair Causes For Not Enough Hot WaterWater Heater Repair Fort Collins CO

Sediment Buildup
Sediment from the water can accumulate in the tank if it is not being flushed regularly: think approximately once a year. This can cause a reduction of hot water and even popping or banging noises coming from the storage tank. Usually, regular flushing can cure and prevent this issue. If the water is overly hard, try using a water softener.

Other Possibilities
There may be a problem with the flame from the burner. Please make sure the area around and underneath the water heater stays clean from dirt. The water heater pulls air up from underneath for the burner. Natural gas flames will burn bright blue with a yellow tip, while propane flames are more bluish green.

From time to time the water tank could be too small for the demand of hot water. Though, if this is a recent problem and your water heating needs have not significantly changed there is probably another thing occurring.

However unlikely from most Fort Collins plumbing providers, if there has been any recent work done on the tank there could have been an issue with how things were repaired or even a bump of the thermostat dial settings.

Hot water is something a Fort Collins homeowner should not have to lack. There are several other possible problems and solutions if the above list did not help that Water Heater Repair Fort Collins CO would be more than happy to assist you with!