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Getting Rid of Water Heater Odors

Posted by on Mar 11, 2015 in Water Heater Repair Fort Collins | 0 comments

Are you experiencing a dilemma with stinky odors originating from the water originating from your water heater? It happens from time to time for a few various reasons. Here is what Water Heater Repair Fort Collins suggests to do to have your water smelling and tasting much better fast. Reasons for Fort Collins Water Heater Smells? According to Soquel Creek Water District, “The smell is the result of four factors that must all be present for the odor to develop. These factors include: A high concentration of sulfate in the raw water Sulfate reducing bacteria, non-toxic to humans...

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Repairing a Noisy Fort Collins Water Heater

Posted by on Feb 26, 2015 in Water Heater Repair Fort Collins | 0 comments

Water Heater Repair Fort Collins is consistently being consulted to check out at water heater. Popping and knocking noises can be a result of problems with the water heater, but it’s likewise an aggravation. We are going to examine the most typical reason your water heater may possibly begin generating noise and what you can possibly do to calm it down! Prior to consulting a Fort Collins professional, have a look at one of the most popular water heater troubles and remedies. The most likely reason a water heater can make noise Again, if the sound is an indicator of issues with the...

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Fort Collins Plumbing Repair

Posted by on Feb 17, 2015 in Drain Cleaning Fort Collins, Plumbing Repair Fort Collins | 0 comments

Doing plumbing upkeep is one means to reduce your water expense. As a fact, it can assist you stay clear of significant household problems which can be rather pricey in the years to come. From routine drain cleaning to changing the water heater, there are many means to make sure that your plumbing system is in excellent working condition. In case the trouble is past your expertise, you can always give Water Heater Repair Fort Collins a call. Correct Plumbing Care and Maintenance To be able to save water, you need to make certain that the plumbing system is constantly in excellent working...

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Advantages of Employing Heat Pump Water Heaters at your Home

Posted by on Feb 4, 2015 in Heat Pump Water Heaters, Water Heater Repair Fort Collins | 0 comments

Today Water Heater Repair Fort Collins wishes to examine implementing a heat pump as another option to an electric water heater. Common thought has long been that heat pump water heaters are usually not rather energy efficient at heating water, however new research is challenging this notion. As stated by Sarah Widder, of the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, “Heat pump water heaters can use up to 63 percent less energy than traditional electric water heaters. When water heating makes up about 18 percent of U.S. residential energy use, heat pump water...

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Factors Why a Hot Water Tank Will Explode

Posted by on Jan 22, 2015 in Gas Water Heater Repair Fort Collins, Water Heater Repair Fort Collins, Water Heater Safety | 0 comments

With regards to needing to perform servicing on ones water heater, it is a comparatively minimal maintenance home appliance.  Nevertheless, one necessary aspect of it has to be checked out routinely.  Water Heater Repair Fort Collins would like to pass on this safety material regarding ones water heater today. Abnormal temperature if mixed with tank deterioration inside the storage tank might cause an explosion. Whenever the water temperature is less than 212 degrees Fahrenheit, one is going to be secure from an explosion, though there is a real danger of scalding at that temperature. ...

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